I graduated from Raspberry Pi Pico and moved on to Raspberry Pi 5, but I was wondering what program to use.

I still wasn’t sure about using Java or C++, and thinking about IoT, memory management is important, and I wanted to compile it, so I bought a book on Go language (Go-lang).

“Learn the basics in one day! A super introduction to Go language” I was able to read it in one day.

Go is very clean and new, and I think it’s interesting because you can write pointers explicitly.

Up until now, I’ve always been a fan of not writing try catches, but from the perspective of Go, I felt a culture shock as this was newer. I still need to study.

So, I looked at various frameworks and thought Gin was the one to use, but when I looked for the MVC model, there wasn’t much information, so I tried Revel a lot.

However, I couldn’t use Revel well and got an error so I gave up.

So I tried creating an MVC model created with Revel using Gin.

I have uploaded it to GitHub, so I will update it in the future!